7 COVID-19 Crisis Management Tips For Small Businesses

By Scott Meister, CPA | Mar 26, 2020

Source: zdnet.com | Repost QB Scott 3/26/2020 – Business as we know it will change after the COVID-19 pandemic. This year will be the year that changed the trajectory of e-commerce, telemedicine and remote work. I have the privilege to work with one of the true pioneers in the world of digital commerce. So, naturally,…

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4 Smart Ways to Reduce Costs Starting Right Now

By Scott Meister, CPA | Mar 12, 2020

Source: Entrepreneur | Repost QBScott 3/12/2020 – Your sales, marketing, and customer service teams make it possible for your business to succeed with clients, but turning a profit also depends on keeping costs as low as possible. From getting the best price out of your suppliers to cutting waste, there are plenty of ways to…

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Your Clients… Do You Really Know Them?

By Scott Meister, CPA | Feb 27, 2020

Source: AccountingInsight | Repost QBScott 2/27/2020 –  If asked, most practitioners could reel off basic details about their client base, and what they are provided by the accounting practice. However, that answer, given by the owners of many small practices is remarkably similar: ‘Oh, we have everyone from sole traders up to a few multi-million-pound…

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10 Insights to Help You Become A Better Small Business Leader

By Scott Meister, CPA | Feb 13, 2020

Source: smallbiztrends.com | Repost QBScott 2/13/2020 – Entrepreneurs need to have strong leadership qualities in order to manage employees, communicate with customers, and outline a clear vision for their company. There are plenty of different styles and aspects that go into being a good leader. So here are some various insights from members of the…

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5 Questions Entrepreneurs Should Ask Their CPAs To Reduce Audit Risk

By Scott Meister, CPA | Jan 30, 2020

Source: Entrepreneur | Repost QBScott 1/30/2020 –  To help reduce your fears of a government audit, February is the best time of year to meet with your CPA to review your tax strategy, review your documentation requirements and ask key questions about how to reduce your chances of an audit. What’s clear from my 35…

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What Is The Difference Between Accountants And Bookkeepers?

By Scott Meister, CPA | Jan 16, 2020

Source: businessnewsdaily.com | Repost QBScott 1/16/2020 – Staying on top of your finances is a key part of being a successful small business owner. As such, it’s important that your financial data is current and accurate so that you have the tools you need to make sound business decisions and ensure healthy cash flow. As…

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Digital Tools Every New Business Needs To Grow

By Scott Meister, CPA | Dec 5, 2019

Source: StartupNation | Repost QBScott 12/5/2019 –  Modern startups run on digital tools. From communicating with customers, collaborating internally or protecting their assets, entrepreneurs should know that there’s a digital platform or service for everything. The truth is, those who don’t embrace technology may be left behind: According to Deloitte research, “digitally advanced small businesses”…

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21 Ways An Accountant Can Help a Small Business Owner

By Scott Meister, CPA | Nov 21, 2019

Source: thebalance.com | RePost QBScott 11/21/2019 – If you are bootstrapping or starting a small business on a limited budget, you have probably spent some time trying to figure out where you can cut business costs and do more on your own to stretch the funds you have available. One area you may consider doing…

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Tips to Get Your Small Business Off the Ground

By Scott Meister, CPA | Nov 7, 2019

Source: Keap.com | Re-Post 11/7/2019 –  The economy took a nosedive in December 2007 as the Great Recession began its crippling effects on the U.S. economy. The rebound took a few years and began to show improvements in the latter half of 2009. Those initial steps toward recovery were on the backs of hardworking, committed…

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