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Free One-on-One Consultation

Need help with QuickBooks®? Schedule a free, 30-minute one-on-one consultation below to see how I can help. Once scheduled you’ll receive information on how to access the consultation.


Frequently asked questions

How does the consultation work?

Once you select a date/time above, you’ll be emailed an invitation to the consultation.  From the invitation, you can access the consultation via the web or your phone.  For consultations, I use a web conferencing software called  One of the goals of the consultation is to assess your needs and determine if I’m a good fit.  It’s best to determine this up front to make sure I can provide the assistance you need.

What will we cover during the consultation?

The free consultation is used to let me know about any issues or questions you have about QuickBooks® and to see how I’m able to help.  

Do I need to prepare for the consultation?

I highly recommend creating a list of questions you have about QuickBooks®. Remember, this is your time to let me know about issues or problems you’re having, so it’s best to make a list prior to the consultation.