Report Gives Before and After View of How the Crisis Changed Small Business Priorities

By Scott Meister, CPA | Oct 15, 2020

Source: Entrepreneur | Repost QBScott 10/15/2020 –  The push to move from paper to digital business processes has accelerated over the last several years due in part to customer expectations. Companies also began to better understand the urgent need to lower costs and improve customer experiences. Yet many companies have also hesitated, unsure about how…

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10 Tips for Changing the Way You Think About Your Small Business

By Scott Meister, CPA | Sep 24, 2020

Source: Small Business Trends | Repost QBScott 9/24/2020 – If you run a small business for long enough, you’ll need to change the way you think about certain concepts. From customer data to marketing strategies, making adjustments can help you stay relevant. Check out the tips below from members of the online small business community…

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3 Ways To Maximize Your Reopening

By Scott Meister, CPA | Sep 10, 2020

Source Quickbooks | Repost QBScott 9/10/2020 – Just when you think you’ve gotten a handle on things, they change. If we’ve learned anything from 2020, it’s to be prepared for the unexpected. When thinking about reopening, there is no script to follow. But, one thing we know for sure is that it’s all about the…

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How Are Small Businesses And Entrepreneurs Faring Today In COVID-19 Downturn

By Scott Meister, CPA | Aug 28, 2020

Source: Forbes | Repost QBScott 8/28/2020 – Things could be better. They could also be worse—and there is the potential for things to get worse. That is, I think, the conclusion to be drawn from a review of several surveys and analyses of the current state of small businesses and entrepreneurs in the United States.…

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6 Things Your Accountant Can Do For Your Small Business

By Scott Meister, CPA | Aug 11, 2020

Source: Business Insider | Repost QBScott 8/11/2020 –  If you own a business, you’ve probably worked with a certified public accountant at one point or another. But did you know accountants can do more than just your taxes and bookkeeping? Since accounting is all about interpreting information about an individual or company’s finances and operations,…

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4 Things To Do To Stabilize Your Small Business Right Now

By Scott Meister, CPA | Jul 30, 2020

Source: Entrepreneur | Repost QBScott 7/30/2020 – The COVID-19 pandemic has completely upended our normal way of doing business. Stay in place orders have caused stores to shut their doors in many states. Other companies find themselves unable to fulfill shipments due to supply chain disruptions. Even for companies that are remaining open, business is…

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How Small Businesses Can Assess And Protect Their Finances As Economies Reopen

By Scott Meister, CPA | Jul 16, 2020

Source: Forbes | Repost QBScott 7/16/2020 – During the initial phases of the pandemic-related shutdowns, a Goldman Sachs small-business survey found 51% of small-business owners could operate for only zero to three months during the quarantine period. A survey from May found that at least 2% of small businesses had closed permanently due to Covid-19.…

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Tax filing Date Right Around the Corner

By Scott Meister, CPA | Jul 2, 2020

Source: | Repost 7/2/2020 –  The unprecedented fallout from the coronavirus pandemic has meant unprecedented concessions by the U.S. government in a number of respects. The CARES Act’s $2 trillion stimulus package represents perhaps the largest investment in this regard, but a number of U.S. government agencies have enacted other significant rule changes to…

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The Only Three Reasons Entrepreneurs Need Accounting and Finance

By Scott Meister, CPA | Jun 18, 2020

Source: Forbes | Repost QBScott 6/18/2020 –  Observing finance and accounting professionals— or the way academics at most business schools train them — might lead you to believe that finance and accounting is a complex and arcane language understood only by an initiated few. For an entrepreneur, the truth is that accounting and finance are…

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