5 Accounting Mistakes That Cost Small Businesses Significant Growth

By Scott Meister, CPA | Oct 10, 2019

Source: business.com | Re-Post QBScott 10/10/2019 –  Failing to have a firm grasp on your business’s financial status can significantly hamper your ability to grow. • The vast majority of small businesses handle all of their accounting and bookkeeping on their own. • If you do hire an outside professional, make sure they are either…

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Understanding Small Business R&D Tax Credits

By Scott Meister, CPA | Sep 26, 2019

Source: Business News Dailey | Re-Post QBScott 2/26/2019 – Growing a business eventually requires developing new products, technologies, systems and sometimes even industries. This growth is vital not only to the success of your individual company but also to the success of the overall economy, which needs innovation to continue growing. However, innovation requires expensive…

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5 Accounting Tips For Small Business Owners

By Scott Meister, CPA | Sep 11, 2019

Source: yourstory.com | Re-Post QBScott 9/11/2019 – As a small business owner, it is very important to know how the accounts of your business work. Good accounting can prove to be extremely beneficial for running a successful business. Thus, it is important to know a few tips for accounting of a small business. The topics…

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Best Business Features Of QuickBooks Online Advanced

By Scott Meister, CPA | Aug 29, 2019

Source: Business Dailey News | Re-Post QBScott 8/29/2019 – QuickBooks Online Advanced, like many cloud-based services, is getting an injection of artificial intelligence smarts. Intuit says it’s making strides to meet the needs of its 1.5 million midmarket customers with new features that enable better reporting features and a series of other controls. The service,…

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Keep Payment Processing Fees Low With These Tips

By Scott Meister, CPA | Aug 15, 2019

Accepting online payments and multiple forms of payment is the norm for most small businesses today. The few businesses that don’t accept multiple forms of payment are no doubt missing out on additional sales and revenue. We already know that people want to pay for goods and services that offer convenience and value, but it’s…

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Secrets You Must Know About Taxes When Operating a Business in More Than One State

By Scott Meister, CPA | Jul 25, 2019

If your business has grown beyond your state’s boundaries so that you operate in more than one location, this can trigger tax complexities you need to address. Here are some to consider: Business Taxes When Operating in More than One State State Income Taxes If you operate in more than one state, how do you…

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Reconciling Quickbooks When Factoring

By Scott Meister, CPA | Jun 27, 2019
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Is it Necessary to Get an Accountant or Tax Preparer?

By Scott Meister, CPA | Jun 10, 2019

Accountants and other tax professionals can be worth their weight in gold during tax time, especially when it comes to legal and compliance issues. With the Income Tax Act numbering more than 3,000 pages, the amount of information often proves too much for the average business owner to stay on top of on their own.…

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Quickbook Apps to Reinvent Back Office Operations

By Scott Meister, CPA | May 21, 2019

Even if you’re the sole owner and worker in your business, you need back office operations. Tasks such as payments, receivables, payroll and inventory management may not be seen by your customers, but they are crucial to keeping your organization’s heart beating. If no one’s around to handle these tasks, operations can fall apart and…

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