Tax season is over and there’s a sense of relief which is always welcome after busy season.  Despite not preparing income tax returns, I’m still very active with helping clients prepare their info for tax prep.  It’s nice to turn down the intensity level for a bit and focus on more projects.

Here’s what’s coming up:

  • QuickBooks® Online eBook, amazon kindle, and print book (available on amazon) is currently in production mode. The focus is on sharing some QuickBooks® Online tips to save time and use QuickBooks® Online more efficiently.
  • QuickBooks® Online video training course is in the works. Similar to the eBook, kindle, and print book, the focus is on time-saving tips for QuickBooks® Online.
  • More in-depth tutorial blog posts on QuickBooks® Desktop.

Here’s what happened in April:

  • In-depth tutorial blog posts on QuickBooks® Desktop. The first post in April was about using the Favorites Menu (click here to see the post).  The second post was about organizing the Icon Bar (click here to see the post).
  • Blog post on business related topics that I frequently see in small businesses.  These are some simple ideas that are key to your business success. Click here to see the post.
  • Blog post on my book about QuickBooks® Desktop. It’s available in eBook, amazon kindle, and print book format.  Click here for more info.

QuickBooks® video courses for QuickBooks® Pro, Premier, and Enterprise are listed below.  These courses are quick and provide an easy way to learn how to use QuickBooks® more efficiently.  Click on the links below to learn more.

As always, if you have questions, ask:-) and remember, QuickBooks® help is here!

Author: Scott Meister, CPA

I help small businesses, accountants, bookkeepers, office managers, and business owners with their accounting needs. I’ve used QuickBooks since 2002 and train folks on how to use it efficiently. I create high-quality video training tutorials for QuickBooks and post them on Certifications include: Certified Public Accountant (CPA) | Certified Bookkeeper (CB) | Advanced Certified ProAdvisor for QuickBooks Desktop | Advanced Certified ProAdvisor for QuickBooks Online | Certified ProAdvisor for QuickBooks Enterprise | Certified ProAdvisor for QuickBooks Point Of Sale