Just wanted to share some news about what happened in October and plans for the future.

Puerto Rico.  The opportunity presented itself and I spent October 7th to the 25th in Puerto Rico working for a hurricane relief company in the billing department.  Yes, it was many hours and long days in front of a computer, but it was an amazing experience!

I’d never been to Puerto Rico before and it is so beautiful!  The locals say that it’s not nearly as beautiful as it was before hurricane Maria hit, but I think it’s beautiful as is.  We’re in the San Juan area and the locals have been so welcoming and friendly.

Here’s a picture of the beach near the hotel and a nice rainbow as well!  The branches on the palm trees are already re-growing.

Puerto Rico Beach

And now back to my “normal” updates…Students are continuing to enroll in my QuickBooks® Desktop video training courses; 189 new students in October!  These courses are a great way to efficiently learn QuickBooks® at YOUR pace.  They are concise and loaded with a lot of information.  Links to the courses are below and here’s some of the feedback from the courses I’ve received over the years:

  • Clear and concise
  • This course is so helpful to remember how to get in to specific menu, accounts and make changes.
  • I found Scott easy to follow, well-spoken, and very knowledgeable with Quickbooks. It is imperative to speak clearly when presenting lessons and I think he does so quite well. I was pleased with the speed at which the course flowed, it was rather easy to take notes and learn without feeling lost. I really liked that there are videos to see what he is doing and follow rather than having someone with a powerpoint presentation trying to share without examples. I have a much clearer understanding of MANY things Quickbooks now thanks to Scott.
  • Excellent tips
  • The teacher is excellent in teaching.
  • This course was very informative and taught me enough that I am able to do my job more efficiently with out the crazy fees of other learning sources. It is very user friendly.

I’m currently working on a kindle version of my course How to Make QuickBooks® More User-Friendly that will then (hopefully) be available in printed copy as well.  It’s more of a technical/instructional manual, but I wanted to create it for the QuickBooks® users that would rather have a book instead of a video training course.  My hope is that it’ll be complete by the end of December, but working in Puerto Rico is time-consuming, so we’ll see.

The next video training course is in production mode.  It focuses on using keyboard shortcuts in QuickBooks® Desktop.  This topic is one of my favorites as I use keyboard shortcuts and benefit from the time I save when using them.  I’m hopeful to get this course released by the end of January.

As always, if you have questions, ask:-) and remember, QuickBooks® help is here!

Author: Scott Meister, CPA

I help small businesses, accountants, bookkeepers, office managers, and business owners with their accounting needs. I’ve used QuickBooks since 2002 and train folks on how to use it efficiently. I create high-quality video training tutorials for QuickBooks and post them on QBScott.com. Certifications include: Certified Public Accountant (CPA) | Certified Bookkeeper (CB) | Advanced Certified ProAdvisor for QuickBooks Desktop | Advanced Certified ProAdvisor for QuickBooks Online | Certified ProAdvisor for QuickBooks Enterprise | Certified ProAdvisor for QuickBooks Point Of Sale