Accountants and other tax professionals can be worth their weight in gold during tax time, especially when it comes to legal and compliance issues. With the Income Tax Act numbering more than 3,000 pages, the amount of information often proves too much for the average business owner to stay on top of on their own. Since every business is different, it’s important to look at your situation to decide what you need, from simple accounting support to complete day-to-day bookkeeping activities. As your company grows, you can help maximize your business income by hiring a tax specialist or accountant.

Familiarity with Accounting Principles

Just like you know your business on an expert level, an accountant or tax preparer knows the financial aspects of business like a pro. That expert-level accounting knowledge comes in handy when you need to decipher all those financial statements, reports, and accounting terms that come with handling your business books. Even if you want to handle your bookkeeping and accounting on your own, hiring an accountant in the beginning to coach you in all things financial can get you off to a strong start. An accountant can talk to you in straight terms, weed through terminology, and teach you how to manage your own finances. You don’t want to miss key information or make mistakes early on that could cost you down the road. An accountant can start you and your business off on the right track with easy-to-use accounting systems that simplify the process.

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Author: Scott Meister, CPA

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