One-on-One QuickBooks® help!

Do you have specific questions about QuickBooks®? Do you need help with how to use QuickBooks® or how to record a specific transaction? If so, I can help! Schedule a one-on-one QuickBooks® session below and get your questions answered.  Most of my clients think of this as a mentoring relationship without the long-term commitment.  Use as much or as little time as you need to get your questions answered.

Below are some of the pricing options for one-on-one consulting. All consulting is over the phone and if desired, I can remote into your computer to assist in helping you with your QuickBooks® questions and making changes if needed. I’m a results oriented, problem solver, looking to get you a solution that works for your situation.  My goal with consulting is to get you accurate results and success with QuickBooks®, quickly.

30 Minutes


30-Minute Session

Phone Consultation
Expert Advice

60 Minutes


60-Minute Session

Phone Consultation
Expert Advice

90 Minutes


90-Minute Session

Phone Consultation
Expert Advice


Frequently asked questions

How does the consultation work?

You’ll select an option above by clicking the “Order Now” button.

That button leads to PayPal, where you can pay for the consultation.

Once you’ve paid, you’ll want to complete the form.  This step is very important as it will help me prepare for our consultation.  Answering this form allows you to get the most of our time together and allows me to be focused on your needs right from the start of the consultation.

After you submit the form, you’ll receive an email from me within 24 hours with some different date/time options for the consultation.

Email me back with the desired date/time to schedule the consultation.

Is a contract required?

No contract is required.  It’s a simple set-up that allows you to pay only for the time you need; no more, no less.

What are some of the benefits of getting help from you?

You’ll see how to handle the transactions you have questions about.  We’ll take a look at your QuickBooks® file (or QB Online) and you can show me the exact issues you’re encountering.  You’ll receive guidance on how to properly handle your QuickBooks® transactions.

Additionally, you’ll see how to efficiently use QuickBooks®; this is something that gets overlooked initially, but my clients mention after a session.  My clients have stated that they learn a lot from actually seeing how I use QuickBooks®.  Be it keyboard shortcuts, layout, or workflow, it tends to positively shape how the approach using QuickBooks® in the future.

What will we cover during the consultation?

We’ll cover any of your QuickBooks® questions, be it about QuickBooks® Desktop or QuickBooks® Online.  My goal is that your questions will be fully answered by the time the consultation concludes.  Your questions can be as general or as specific as they need to be.

Do you need access to my QuickBooks®?

It depends on how specific and complex your questions are.  General questions typically don’t require access to your QuickBooks®; specific question may require access to your QuickBooks®.

Do I need to prepare for the consultation?

I highly recommend having a list of any questions you have about QuickBooks®.  Additionally, you will probably benefit from being in front of your computer with your QuickBooks® open.  Remember, this is your time to get your questions answered; I’m here to help, so ask all the questions you have!